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Increases in passenger traffic requires higher gate efficiency and optimised throughput – Honeywell’s Visual Docking Guidance System and Gate Control System helps optimize airport gate capacity.


  • State-of-the-art Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System
  • Honeywell VDGS LED design
  • Automatic and precise docking guidance
  • Ramp information shown during Turnaround process and A-CDM integration
  • Modular distribution to simplify maintenance
  • State-of-the-art LED panel
  • System-as-a-Service offering
  • A-VDGS is part or Honeywell’s complete Ground Traffic Management solution
  • Easy integration with Airports IT systems


Key Benefits

  • Safe and Reliable Docking
  • Operates in all weather conditions. Unlike systems that only scan a narrow angle and need a clear line of sight, the Honeywell A-VDGS sensors continuously scan the complete gate area for maximum safety.



  • Delivers stop position and azimuth accuracy, enabling aircrafts to stop on or near designated stop points.
  • Pre-Calibrated System
  • Reduced end-to-end installation and commissioning time. Minimal Maintenance. Video sensor works without any lifetime limitation or mechanical aging. No moving parts or motors to maximize reliability and minimize maintenance.



Extremely long life. MTBF: A-VDGS (45,000 hours*).

Honeywell Airports – A-VDGS

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