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Melbourne Airport – Major AGL Upgrade Project

Avionics are excited to announce the approval by Melbourne Airport for Avionics to complete a major upgrade to their existing AGL system. The project involves changing 2100 existing taxiway lights out of the project to Safegate IQ. Installing 930 new light locations. New secondary cabling to each light, new slotting across pavements. Installation of new CCR’s, major upgrades to the AGL CMS to a full addressable lighting solution from the ATC tower and Maintenance facilities. 280,000m of new primary cable is to be installed. Underboring of the Runway and Line marking works also required.  Avionics will install free issued ADB Safegate equipment and utilise ADB Safegate as our key subcontractor for the CMS upgrades.  

The project is anticipated to continue into early 2021.

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